Sunday, July 19, 2009

Glorious Summer

It’s been a really long time since I wrote here. It’s a glorious summer in Ann Arbor – in every possible way. So that’s my best excuse. I’m having so much fun engaged in the summer world I have been away from the keyboard. Here are 9 reasons I love it here:
Number one – the students are gone. The streets are quieter. There are fewer dangerously inattentive texting pedestrians stepping off the curb in front of me as I drive through town en route to work. Less evidence of last night’s beer pong on the front porches. But I digress.
Number two – the weather is clear and bright and not too hot. It rains only at night, just like in Camelot.
Number three – the farmer’s market brings seasonal local produce that stuns the eyes, entertains the nose, treats the taste buds, and warms the heart and soul.
Number four – most of my private clients have moved away or are otherwise on hiatus and I have time for the hammock, a book, and the garden.
Number five – the kazoo band is tuning up in the lavender patch. The bees are so busy the bush itself is a-hummin.
Number six – our son from Hawaii is planning his visit to the mainland in a few weeks and just maybe we can get the other kids to coordinate a strategic assault on the ‘rents all at once. I would love to have the whole crew here even if it’s only for a few days.
Number seven - the butterfly bush has, um, butterflies in it.
Number eight – every possible heirloom tomato on the planet is producing pretty and unusual fruit in the garden plot shared between our neighbor, Anne, and ourselves.
Number nine – the bird feeder has so much activity it looks like a full-length Disney cartoon movie. One of the old ones, like Snow White or Cinderella. The birds are all decked out in bright colors, the cheeky chipmunks and bold squirrels and skittish rabbits scamper about, offset by the occasional skulking cat or lucky dog.

So there you have it. Life is a treat right now in high summer in Ann Arbor. I wouldn’t change a thing.